The ADG group was founded in 2004 for the development of large regional centers of Russia. Nineteen years later, in our portfolio there are more than a million square meters of projects implemented throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk.
June 27, 2024
The neighborhood center A Meeting Place Prague is a part of ADG group's large-scale redevelopment project.
June 6, 2024
The renovated neighborhood center offers facilities for shopping, leisure, and well-being.
May 24, 2024
Summer terraces open on the roofs of ten neighborhood centers.
March 4, 2024
CRE Moscow Awards 2024 announced the list of this year's finalists.
January 25, 2024
Grigory Pecherskiy, Managing partner at ADG group, shares his views on the main challenges for the placemaking industry in 2024.
December 14, 2023
ADG group joined CRE League, an influential association of local developers, construction management companies, investment consultancy.
November 28, 2023
This is an international day of giving that takes place around the world in late November or early December.
November 27, 2023
Two neighborhood centers 'Meeting Place Kirgizia' and 'Meeting Place Orbita' won the GRREAt awards this year.
August 31, 2023
Today we're opening a new Meeting Place Zvyozdniy in the Moscow district of Prospect Vernadskogo.
August 14, 2023
ADG group won a special prize in the annual contest held by Moscow City Construction Dept.
April 21, 2023
On April 20, the 20th annual CRE Awards ceremony in the field of commercial real estate, took place in Moscow.
January 24, 2023
Several trends will continue to shape the market next year. Some of them are not new, but they will, in many ways, define the future of the industry. Decentralization is one of them, and probably the most important one.
January 12, 2023
In 2022, ADG group opened five more neighborhood centers and settled three new deals with strategic partners amid turbulent market and uncertain economic environment
December 23, 2022
It's a New Year's Eve, and today we have a special gift for the residents of Maryino district in Moscow.
December 22, 2022
We're opening a new Meeting Place Biryusinka in the Moscow district of Western Biryulyovo.
November 25, 2022
We're opening a new Meeting Place Kirgizia in the Moscow district of Novogireevo, which is the 13th neighborhood center created within our key development project.
November 18, 2022
Meeting Place Baikonur won first place in the fierce competition in the New Small Shopping Center category at GRREAt 2022 awards ceremony held on November 18.
November 3, 2022
Today our new neighbourhood centre Meeting Place Orbita opens its doors. It is the 12th object launched as part of the large-scale reconstruction program of the Moscow cinemas implemented by ADG group.
October 28, 2022
The exit of the major international fashion and F&B brands from the Russian market has hugely increased the role of the food halls in generating footfall to the neighborhood centers. The traffic of the food halls since February 2022 has doubled and almost reached the level of the traditional retail anchors.
October 13, 2022
Our eleventh neighbourhood centre –Meeting place Baikonur – opens its doors. It is the first opening for our team this year and a new life for the historic centre of attraction in yet another district of Moscow. Starting from June residents of centre district have already spent their spare time training at DDX fitness, and now all the infrastructure of Meeting place Baikonur are ready to welcome visitors.
September 20, 2022
On September 20 -22, NatMall Expo 2022, a retail real estate and retail conference, was held in Moscow. During these three days of the conference, industry experts were looking for answers to questions and challenges that have come to the fore in light of recent events: how developers and retailers can quickly change strategy, adapt to changes, maintain and increase business.
July 19, 2022
ADG group signed an agreement with discount store chain "Da!" to open its stores in three neighborhood centers "Mesto vstrechi" ("The Meeting place").
APRIL 22, 2022
In 2022 ADG group was given prestigious Golden Brick of CRE Awards for the third time, with "Mesto vstrechi Yantar'" (Yantar Meeting place) in Preobrazhenskoye district winning in the Small Shopping Center category. Moreover, ADG group was the finalist in nomination "Developer of the year".
JANUARY 19, 2022
To recap the turbulences of 2021, experts from all across Europe have shared their experiences and learnings, what the placemaking industry has in store for this year, how it will reshape and ultimately transform.
JANUARY 11, 2022
A furniture and household goods shop of the Scandinavian brand JYSK is set to open in the Mesto vstrechi Sofia (Sofia meeting place) neighborhood center in the north of Moscow.
DECEMBER 28, 2021
In the run up to the holidays, guests of neighborhood centers will be able to visit KARO 5 Mars, KARO 4 Neva, KARO 5 Rassvet and KARO 4 Vysota. The number in the name indicates the number of screens.
NOVEMBER 24, 2021
European experts comment on the synergy between shopping centers and food anchors, their developments and benefits.
AUGUST 6, 2021
Mesto Vstrechi Elbrus neighborhood center (Elbrus Meeting place) has won the Best Completed Construction Project award.
AUGUST 2, 2021
Grigory Pecherskiy shares his view on the challenging situation in Moscow and new tools to attract audiences to neighbourhood centers.
JULY 24, 2021
Mikhail Pecherskiy and Guillaume Sadoux share their thoughts on changing about consumer habits.
JULY 5, 2021
ADG group, a Russian development company, shared its results for the second quarter of 2021.
JUNE 10, 2021
ADG group participated in the 18th International exhibition and forum of real estate and retail MAPIC Russia which took place in Moscow on June 8-10, 2021.
JUNE 5, 2021
ADG group took part in the Gastreet international restaurant show. Guillaume Sadoux, the company's development director, spoke at the ReBro (Restaurant Brothers) site within the show's program.
MAY 30, 2021
Guillaume Sadoux, Development director at ADG group, shares his thoughts on how to create striving meeting places with and for real people in a megalopolis like Moscow.
MAY 26, 2021
French sporting goods retailer Decathlon opened its first pop-up kiosk in Moscow which is located in the Mesto Vstrechi Angara (Meeting Place Angara) neighborhood center.
MAY 24, 2021
Neighborhood Center «Mesto vstrechi Rassvet» («Meeting place») has been shortlisted for RLI International Shopping Centre (Renovation) category in this year's 16th edition of the prestigious Global RLI Awards.
APRIL 8, 2021
ADG group, a Russian development company, today shared its results for the first quarter of 2021.
MARCH 31, 2021
Mikhail Pecherskiy, managing partner at ADG group, was elected as one of the Company Members for the Executive Board of the European Council of Shopping Places (ESCP).
JANUARY 7, 2021
ADG group, a Russian development company, announced its annual results for 2020.
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
The Karo chain and the developer ADG group will launch 29 new cinemas in Moscow by the end of 2022.
ADG group has been recognized with an international award as "RLI Developer" by British magazine Global Retail & Leisure. The ceremony of the prestigious Global RLI Awards, which annually celebrate retail & leisure excellence around the world, was held online on September 3.
KARO Salaris and KARO Angara will open for patrons on September 3, 2020 in time for the Russian premieres of theatrical blockbusters Warner Brother's Tenet, and Disney Studios Mulan. KARO and ADG will jointly manage and operate the locations. The most up-to-date information can be found on
JANUARY 18, 2019
In partnership with ADG group, Tele 2, one of Russia's favourite mobile operators, is set to open new interactive stores in over 25 of ADG group's neighbourhood centres across Moscow. The project seeks to reconstruct the city's old cinemas, turning the Soviet buildings into entertaining multifunctional centres that cater to the needs of the local community.
NOVEMBER 21, 2018
MAPIC 2018, the 24th international retail real estate exhibition was held last week in Cannes, gathering more than 8,500 delegates and 2,000 retailers. One of the few Russian companies to take part in panel sessions was ADG group, which is implementing a largest retail project in Moscow — a network of neighbourhood centres. The first neighbourhood centre, Angara, will open in spring next year and, at a session devoted to Russia, the developer shared its forecast for annual turnover at the network's flagship centre.
NOVEMBER 12, 2018
On 14 — 16 November, Cannes will host MAPIC 2018, the 23rd international retail property market trade fair, gathering together more than 8,500 participants and 800 exhibitors from 80 countries. A session on Russian retail will take place on the first day of the trade show. It will be opened by Grigoriy Pecherskiy, Managing Partner of ADG group, the developer of the largest retail project in Moscow — network of 39 neighbourhood centres. He will speak about a new approach to using big data on the behaviour of consumers in Moscow to enhance customer experience and the company's loyalty program.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2018
ADG Group, redeveloping outdated Soviet movie theaters into a network of neighbourhood centres, presents a new compact type of a children edutainment center. The family center specialists PandaPark is to operate the children's centers in the first network locations.
SEPTEMBER 18, 2018
The Moscow State Expertise announces its approval of 31 projects that will turn old Soviet cinemas into neighbourhood centres.
AUGUST 16, 2018
PickPoint, a leading logistics operator at the Russian e-commerce market, and ADG group, the developer of the largest retail project in Moscow, announce a strategic partnership: next-generation Click&Collect zones will open in the network of 39 neighbourhood centres over the next two years. PickPoint will become the official and exclusive representative of the network of 39 neighbourhood centres for Russian online stores and will be fully responsible for the launch, logistics, and operations of the new Click&Collect service, developed jointly with ADG group.
AUGUST 03, 2018
At the end of July, the company began redevelopment of abandoned buildings in the North and Northeast Moscow – the former movie theaters Neva in the Levoberezhny District, Mars in the Altufyevsky District, and Rassvet in Koptevo.
APRIL 28, 2018
On April, 24th during special ADG talks session at MAPIC Russia ADG group explained, how the use of worldwide retail trends helps shopping centres to gain stable and high traffic and how the new commercial real estate format by ADG group – Neighbourhood Centre – operates in exact locations.
APRIL 23, 2018
Moscow State Expertise approved 29 projects of reconstruction of the old soviet cinemas into modern Neighbourhood Centres by ADG group.
MARCH 21, 2018
Russia is still among the most attractive destinations for investors in Eastern Europe, while Moscow is the best hub for potential foreign investments. ADG group, a pioneering urban developer from Moscow, presented a unique opportunity for business and investing to enter Russian market on the world`s leading property market MIPIM 2018, — its 39 Neigbourhood Centres Network in Moscow.
MARCH 06, 2018
ADG group, a pioneering urban developer from Moscow, is going to present an ideal option for investing into Russian business — its Neighbourhood Centres Network, the largest Moscow commercial RE project — on the world`s leading property market MIPIM 2018.
NOVEMBER 21, 2017
Moscow is the third Europe's most attractive city for retail and it is definitely the key to Russia. ADG group, a pioneering urban developer from Russia, presented 'Moscow on a plate' - its 39 Neighbourhood Centres' Network — on an international retail and commercial real estate show MAPIC 2017.
NOVEMBER 14, 2017
ADG group, a pioneering urban developer from Russia, is to present its 39 Neighbourhood centres' network — the largest Moscow retail project — on an international retail real estate show MAPIC 2017.
OCTOBER 23, 2017
Seoul, South Korea, October 23, 2017 — The world's fifth largest multiplex theater chain CJ CGV and a pioneering Russian urban developer ADG group have announced the creation of a new joint venture company that will develop a new cinema concept in Russia.
MARCH 27, 2017
The main theme of this year's MIPIM was a "New Deal" in the sphere of development, urban development, relationships between the different actors of the market. The world's development has never been as fast as today. Technological innovations, macroeconomic and social changes force businessmen from all over the world constantly to adapt to the new reality.
MARCH 23, 2017
Our strategic goal is to position the project of 39 neighbourhood centres on the worldwide scale as a perfect example. The project which is dedicated to inspire business, create a chain of values between the city and the citizens, and be an incubator of city development initiatives
JANUARY 23, 2017
ADG Group and Lenta signed a lease agreement for 36 buildings for 15 years. It was officially announced at the press conference which took place on January, 19, 2017 in the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.
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