Neighborhood centers in Moscow's suburbs: new partnerships and new achievements in Q2

July 5, 2021

ADG group, a Russian development company, shared its results for the second quarter of 2021. As brick & mortar retail in Russia is still on the way to recovery as COVID restrictions are tightened again, the company's chain of neighborhood centers has managed to showcase positive dynamics. The 8th center was launched at the end of May and rooftops opened to host open-air festivals and edutainment projects for kids and adults during the summer season, including yoga classes and training sessions in partnership with sports retailer Decathlon.
New openings

On May 27, the Mesto Vstrechi Sayany (Sayany Meeting Place) neighborhood center opened in the South East of the city to become the 8th site in the chain. The Sayany cinema was built in 1981 but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was used as a furniture shop. Later in the '00s the building was shut down as it was no longer safe and did not meet fire safety requirements. Thanks to the reconstruction, it has been given a second lease of life.

This peaceful and cozy neighborhood center will become the new place-to-be for locals with a variety of edutainment activities and leisure facilities. There will also be a family restaurant, regular lectures, and creative masterclasses for all ages. The historical cinema function will also be restored with a new four-screen multiplex. The new movie theatre will present a state of the art, next generation cinema with ultra-modern screen and sound technologies, full recliner seating, automated ticketing systems and "u-choose" food and beverage areas. Moreover, here people can buy all the essential goods within walking distance from home.
  • Grigory Pecherskiy
    Managing partner of ADG group
    "Mesto Vstrechi Sayany is our eights neighborhood center. We continue to develop our chain and at the same time improve the quality of life in Moscow suburbs, which helps our city become a modern megapolis with a highly developed and human-centered infrastructure"
Amazing rooftops for locals

May saw the grand opening of rooftops in all neighborhood centers. They offer a unique space for Moscow's suburbs that will host lectures, masterclasses and open-air cinema through the entire summer season. During the opening festival weekend, guests could visit a DIY zone to create their own piece of art and contribute to the little community garden beds located right there, providing a sense of community and connection to the environment.

On the rooftops, people can also use sunbeds to relax or even work remotely and order food from restaurants in the neighborhood centers. There is also a workout zone and special playground for children. Throughout the season, rooftops will be used as locations for themed markets and open-air festivals, music concerts and art spaces.

Partnerships and collaborations

French sporting goods retailer Decathlon opened its first pop-up kiosk in Moscow located in the Mesto Vstrechi Angara neighborhood center. The new format is a small shop with a click & collect service that will be open for five months. It aims to increase brand awareness and market share around the full-format store nearby and serve as a new meeting place for sporting activities in the neighborhood.

The list of services provided includes sports equipment rental and exciting workouts and training sessions for everyone on the rooftop of the neighborhood center – including yoga classes and special workouts for mothers with kids. In the pop-up kiosk, people will be able to buy seasonal goods, new and innovative items for running, swimming, yoga, football and also order goods online for any of 70 kinds of sports with next day delivery or express 3-hour delivery from the nearest Decathlon hypermarket.

In June, recycling containers were installed in neighborhood centers. This is a collaboration with Russian environmental charity Sobirator, which helps to recycle rare types of secondary raw material such as pens, markers, corks, plastic cards, batteries, pill blisters, toothbrushes and bottle caps. This way more people will be able to get into a sustainable lifestyle and all the materials will be used or recycled responsibly – for example, corks are used for creative upcycling activities.
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