ADG Group and a PandaPark founder create new-style edutainment centers in the neighbourhood centres network

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018
ADG Group, redeveloping outdated Soviet movie theaters into a network of neighbourhood centres, presents a new compact type of a children edutainment center. The family center specialists PandaPark is to operate the children's centers in the first network locations.
The children's edutainment solutions in the neighbourhood centres network developed by ADG Group improves on other offers available on the market in terms of versatility and flexible zoning. Sports and educational activities for children of different ages will follow one another alternately throughout the day. This allows for using a more compact area for children's education and leisure as compared with traditional entertainment centers. For example, Angara, the network's first children's center to open, will occupy a mere 400 sq. m. Rotation of activities, participation of different age groups and focus on subscription visits will ensure the commercial success of the new approach.
Aleksandr Khudyakov
OOO "Edutainment Group"
"The concept of the educational and entertainment center within ADG Group’s network involves creating a flexible multifunctional space with intelligent zoning where children of different ages can be provided with education and entertainment all day long, throughout the week. We will set up baby-parking areas with animators, a 3D exercise zone, and a playground featuring development games. Older children will be able to attend a gym, a VR room, a climbing wall, various master classes, and participate in other activities."
The new-style edutainment centers will start working within the neighbourhood centres network as the sites get launched in 2019-2020. The Angara centre on Chongarsky Boulevard is slated to open its doors first, in the spring of 2019.

The operator of the children's cluster is not the only one responsible for developing entertainment programs and creating visitors' experience at the ADG Group's neighbourhood centres: 20% of each site's area will be allocated to new movie theaters and other entertainment and education venues, while another 20% will accommodate cafes, restaurants, and food halls.
Grigoriy Pecherskiy
Managing Partner, ADG Group
"The new-style educational and entertainment center is specifically designed for ADG Group’s neighbourhood centres, taking into account the particular details of each site: location within a dense residential housing development, small area, flexible space management, different age groups of the community. Working together with market leaders, we have prepared a project brief to fill out during a series of the invitation-based workshops ADG Talks in the fall of 2017. Then we have spent a long time looking for a tenant who will not only be able to launch the new format but also to maintain the high quality of the service offered. Now the neighbourhood centres will be able to provide children and their parents with useful and interesting leisure opportunities near their homes."
OOO Edutainment Group, founded by Aleksandr Khudyakov, one of the masterminds behind the family center network PandaPark, will be the operator of the first multifunctional venue. Depending on the area of the site, the company leases from 400 to 1000 sq. m. in various neighbourhood centres.
About Edutainment Group
Edutainment Group was founded in 2017 by an international team with more than 10 years of experience in the Russian entertainment market. Its founder, Alexander Khudyakov, is also one of the founders of PandaPark, a family recreation chain. Edutainment Group specializes in developing modern educational and entertainment centers in Russia, with the focus on the next-generation commercial venues featuring an enhanced leisure component. The company is an exclusive partner of the UK-based Paragon Creative in Russia, which has more than 30 years of experience in creating theme parks and has participated in such projects as the oldest toy store Hamleys and Kidzania education centers in London and Abu Dhabi.
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