"Da!" discounters will be opened in "Mesto vstrechi" neighborhood centers

July 19, 2022

ADG group signed an agreement with discount store chain "Da!" to open its stores in three neighborhood centers "Mesto vstrechi" ("The Meeting place").

"Da!" stores will be opened in neighborhood centers "Mesto vstrechi Biryusinka" and "Mesto vstrechi Orbita" in the South of Moscow with a planned opening this year, as well as in neighborhood center "Mesto vstrechi Orion" in the Northwest Moscow that is scheduled to open in the Q1 of 2023.

The concept of neighborhood centers "Mesto vstrechi" is flexible and constantly adapting to the changing market realities but the focus on wishes and needs of the audience remains the same. Business partners joining the project always share the core values of the company and can see the potential for growing and developing in neighborhood centers – today the discount store chain "Da!" becomes such a partner. Its stores represent a completely new type of food store in the Russian retail market, guaranteeing the consumer one of the best value for money which is becoming more and more relevant in the given circumstances and resonates with the audience.

"Da!" stores are located in the modern and spacious shopping premises with a welcoming atmosphere. The "Da!" range of products comprises the world-renowned labels, famous Russian brands and many private labels produced exclusively for "Da!". By saving on marketing branded spends "Da!" pass on the savings to its customers. All the products have attractive colorful packaging for low prices and of the highest quality. "Da!" experts specializing in food quality constantly study the Russian consumer preferences, conduct sampling tests and take into account product evaluations from hundreds of different suppliers. Moreover, "Da!" stores always offer discounts and special offers.
Grigory Pecherskiy
Managing partner of ADG group
"Every single Moscow district is a unique consumer market with a certain range of represented retailers. We pay a lot of attention to the specific features of every neighborhood and always prioritize the needs of the local audience. That is why the tenant mix of every neighborhood center is shaped in accordance with the locals' wishes – we are constantly in touch and put significant efforts into learning their opinion and working with their feedback. I am sure that the opening of the "Da!" stores will be very welcomed by the neighbors and will definitely boost the traffic so that we and our partners could achieve common business goals."
Armin Burger
Chief Executive Officer of O'KEY Group
"The key principle of "Da!" discount store chain is to provide a good price for high quality goods and services on daily basis. Thanks to strategic partnership with ADG group that develops the unique concept of neighborhood centers, even more "Da!" stores will be opened within walking distance from homes in densely populated areas of Moscow. We see that customer demand is switching towards rational consumption among many other macroeconomic factors, while the access to convenient and fast shopping is getting more and more relevant in an urban environment. We are sure that "Da!" stores in neighborhood centers "Mesto vstrechi" will be highly appreciated by locals."
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