history of neighbourhood centres

 In December 2014 ADG Group won Moscow Government auction for purchasing 39 Moscow movie theatres, that used to play an important role in life of local communities.  Those movie theatres were the heirs of workers' clubs, incorporated the basic cultural and social functions of neighborhoods . But if you look further into the past, then you may find that once Moscow was almost consisted of settlements. It was called "Sloboda" -  a self-governing urban area, whose inhabitants were exempted from paying taxes (hence the name). People settled in "sloboda" mainly on professional grounds. In the center of the "sloboda" there was a church, commerce and municipal authorities , this is were the life e local community concentrated. Despite the similar structure, "slobodas" differed greatly from each other with customs and way of life. Only under the Soviet regime in the centers of the peripheral areas the administrative function stifled trade and social, the city became almost indistinguishable alike. 

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what are we doing? 

We return the space of communication, commerce and entertainment to centers of Moscow residential areas. We give people the opportunity to meet, spend time together, work and play where they live, and change the character of the city through the creation of a plurality of such centers. We are building a partnership between residents and tenants of the centers, based on familiarity with each other, the mood in the long-term relationships and trust. Different places and different communities naturally differ from each other. Each of our centers is also unique because they are the sights of areas. We believe that centers will help the development of local communities, strengthening of good neighborly relations, increase the diversity of time spending.

when they will open?

We are starting to work in the winter of 2017 the works itself won't exceed two years. We hope that will be faster, but the work in residential areas, means that you can not make noise at night, because people need to have normal rest and sleep. All 39 neighborhood centers will open their doors in 2019. Despite the fact that all objects will be opened only in 2 years, we plan to held events for the residents of the district will be held this spring. Follow the schedule and come to get acquainted.

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